Blood of the Redmoon Canyon


Redmoon Canyon… its name alone is more than enough to send a chill down the backs of locals. No matter day or night, a blood-red moon hangs in the sky above, watching down on every living creature like a bloodthirsty demon’s eye. Rumours have it that there is no other place more fearsome than Redmoon Canyon. Locals shun the place and travelers who had headed there never returned.

Little is known about Redmoon Canyon except it is home to demonic arachnids and mutated giants. With no predators to keep them in check, the monster population keeps growing and the plague miasma is starting to spread to the nearby lands…

Maps of the Redmoon Canyon

  • Jungle Maze
  • Redmoon Canyon North
  • Redmoon Canyon South
  • Redmoon Canyon East
  • Redmoon Canyon Square
  • Left Corridor
  • Right Corridor
  • Land of Choice
  • Secret Canyon 1
  • Secret Canyon 2
  • Demon Altar
  • Redmoon Cavern

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Monsters Of The Redmoon Canyon

Red Demon

For as long as anyone can remember, an ominous Red Moon has been hanging above Redmoon Canyon. The five Dragonguards believed the Red Moon itself was a demon, controlling every living being in Redmoon Canyon with its frightening force. There had been countless attempts to conquer the Redmoon Canyon, but all of them failed miserably resulting in the wipeout of whole armies. It was only when the pioneer of Sun Gate, a priest called Nameless, arrived at the depths of the underworld personally to open the gate to the demon cave, could humans finally take a glimpse of it. Under the command of the Dragonguard, warriors finally slayed the Red Demon but the Red Moon above the Canyon did not disappear, and the plague miasma kept getting worse. Could it be that this crafty old demon had secretly resurrected...?

Boss Potential Loot

Mouseover to see the respective item's stats

Holy Jade Scepter
Dragon Sword
Detection Necklace
Heavenly Lord's Necklace
Holy Warrior's Necklace
Mage Lord's Necklace
Ring of Overload
Teleportation Ring
Ring of Paralysis
Ring of Resurrection
Ring of Invisibility
Fire Ring
Heavenly Lord's Ring
Holy Warrior's Ring
Mage Lord's Ring
Ring of Defense
Ring of Protection
Mage Lord’s Bracelet
Holy Warrior’s Bracelet
Heavenly Lord’s Bracelet
Skill Necklace

The Elites

Ogre Face Arachnid Black Widow
Ogre Face Arachnid Ghost
Ogre Face Arachnid Snake Fang
Venomkiss Arachnid Fading Night
Venomkiss Arachnid Mad Stab Widow
Venomkiss Arachnid Mirage Flower
Two-head Gorefiend Devil
Two-head Gorefiend Giant
Two-head Hellfire Giant
Two-head Ravager Giant
Two-head Slashing Giant
Two-head Gorefiend Toro

Potion Making

You can now create special potions which are not available at NPC shops.

Collect herbs that are in certain maps. Ensure you have enough bag slots to hold all of them! Go to NPC Chang to create your potions.

This Potion making system will give you random potions.

There’s a certain chance of getting extra items such as Blessing Oil, Healing Tonics when you use this Potion making system!

Bounty Quest

In the Battle of Vicher, the war resulted in devastating consequences, despite the Dragonguards’ valiant efforts. Lord Vicher has now set aside a generous reward for Heroes to help and build up Vicher again.

Bounty Quests will be available at the Billboard.

There will be 5 random Bounty Quests available. Difficulty levels of the Bounty Quests will be determined by the number of stars. The more stars the Bounty Quest has, the better the EXP reward.

Accepted Bounty Quests can be found at the Quest Tab (Q).

  1. Only 5 Bounty Quests can be completed daily
  2. Bounty Quests on the Billboard will be refreshed every 6 hours. Accept the quest that you want to complete before it is gone.
  3. You can also reset the Bounty Quest before its reset time using gold. The maximum refresh for gold usage is at 1,000,000 gold.

Gem Transmutation

You can now upgrade your level 1 Gems to level 2 Gems with this new system. Upgrading Gems will yield better stats!

Find NPC “October” in Vicher (639,423) or Moojo (461,556) to combine your Gem to upgrade it to the next level.

You will need 10x Level 1 same Gems and 5 million Gold to upgrade the Gem. Note that the upgrading process is tied to a base success rate of 10%. Lucky Charms can be added to increase the success (3%) of your Gem transmutation. Lucky Charms can be obtained from killing Arachnid Hallway Boss “Ettin Dueler”.

Launch Events

Saback Monster Seige 17 - 30 July

All hell is breaking loose in Saback! From , charm monsters will be storming Saback everyday during the event period at the following times:

  • 0100HRS
  • 1900HRS
  • 2100HRS

(Please note that all timings are in GMT+8)

Heroes, we need all the help we can gather to fend off these monsters! Each Charm Monster you defeat will yield 2x Charms of Elixir! There’s even a chance of looting off with Warmor Accessory Chests, Blessing Oil, and even random Zuma Grade Accessories!

Fall in at Saback now!

Terms and Conditions
  • The event still start on 17 July and end on 30 July 2359HRS.
  • All timing stated are in the GMT +8 timezone.
  • Any characters that have been banned due to infringement of game abuse policies during the event or reward period will not be compensated.
  • Any disputes will not be entertained 1 month after the date of accreditation of event rewards.
  • Terms and conditions are subjected to change without prior notice.
More Events Coming Soon!