Close-Range Brawler

In the unforgiving world of mortal combat, the Warrior has been trained into an instrument of pure violence

The Warrior has been honed by countless millennia into a combatant of extraordinary willpower. The Maian Art of Fighting teaches all Warriors that it is one’s soul, not muscles, that guides one’s weapon. Only those who fully grasp this concept are deemed fit to wield the Dragonslayer Sword.



Practitioner of Magic

The Mage is a deadly ranged fighter armed with the world’s most powerful spells.

An ancient Maian legend describes a man who secluded himself in the mountains to perfect his magic and transcend mortality. He gained many disciples as his power grew, and before long the Mages had spread far and wide to show the world that they control the powers of destruction.



The Fighting Zealot

Between heaven and hell, physical and spiritual, the Priest draws power from both realms as a formidable hybrid combatant.

Priests follow a strict doctrine known as the Heavenly Way. They are highly skilled in melee combat while drawing magical powers from mother nature, allowing them to poison foes and heal enemies. Because of this unique versatility, they are revered by both their allies and enemies.