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OBT Now Open! From 14 Dec

Grab Your OBT Celebration Pack!

Celebrate the launch of Open Beta with us! From 14 – 20 Dec, simply enter this code to Cherry Exchange and enjoy your gift!

Redemption Instructions
  1. Log in to Cherry Exchange
  2. Under Events, select Conquera Promo Code and enter the code above
  3. Upon successful redemption, you will receive a message on Cherry Messenger on how to claim your items in-game.
Terms and Conditions
  1. This limited time offer is only valid from 14 Dec - 20 Dec.
  2. This code can only be redeemed once per account
  3. The redemption code expires on 31 Dec so please claim before then
  4. All dates and timings are in GMT+8

Claim your Pre-Signup Rewards!

Your pre-signup reward pack of Gear Shards, Superb Healing & Mana Potions can be retrieved by following these steps:

  1. Go to your Messenger by logging into your Cherry Exchange Account:
  2. You will find a message with instructions on how to retrieve your reward!

Official News and Updates

Fight well and earn yourself a healthy reward of Conquera Points and CC! From 16 Dec 1200HRS to 29 Dec 2359HRS GMT+8, be among the first 2500 players to achieve the specified levels below for magnificent rewards:

Level 13: 2000 Conquera Points (CP)
Level 18: 2000 Conquera Points (CP)
Level 25: 10,000

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news_banner_Open-Beta-begins-now.jpg (580×147)

The gates of Conquera have opened! Brave Heroes, welcome to the Open Beta phase of Conquera!  To celebrate our Open Beta launch, we have lined up special events just for you. Click here to see an overview of what’s in store!

Also, don’t forget to claim your limited time offer OBT Celebration Pack

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The Gods of Maia look favorably upon the blessed! Acquire high value gear and materials by following these steps:
1.    Upon reaching level 10, purchase a Certificate of Heaven Blessing from the cash shop.
2.    When you reach level 13, visit the Symbol of Event at either of these locations: Vicher

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Notice for Known Bug

Dear Players, 

We thank you for joining us in Conquera’s OBT and hope you are enjoying the Beta so far! During this time, we have received and collected feedback regarding bugs that you have encountered so far. Please be informed that below listed are bugs that we had identified so far:

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Dragonguards are the best that Maia has to offer, so imagine what it takes to become the best of the Dragonguards! Listen up:

-From 14-20 Dec 2359HRS GMT+8, achieve the highest Battle Power in your hero’s class by leveling up and upgrading weapons and armor.
-At the end of the event, the 3 heroes

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The Dragonguards value those who improve their skills! Be rewarded with a variety of critical upgrade items as you raise your player level! Here’s how:
-Upon reaching level 10, visit the Symbol of Event at either of these locations: Vicher (Coordinates: 635, 471), or Moojo (Coordinates: 400,545).
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news_banner_Gift-Exchange.jpg (580×147)

Santa Claus has arrived in Maia with a task for you: His bag of candy canes has been stolen and he wants them back! Here’s how you help Santa:

-From 14 - 31 Dec 2359HRS GMT+8, various monsters you slay will drop Candy Canes.
-Collect and exchange them with Santa, who’s loafing around at Vicher

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Close-Range Brawler

In the unforgiving world of mortal combat, the Warrior has been trained into an instrument of pure violence

The Warrior has been honed by countless millennia into a combatant of extraordinary willpower. The Maian Art of Fighting teaches all Warriors that it is one’s soul, not muscles, that guides one’s weapon. Only those who fully grasp this concept are deemed fit to wield the Dragonslayer Sword.



Practitioner of Magic

The Mage is a deadly ranged fighter armed with the world’s most powerful spells.

An ancient Maian legend describes a man who secluded himself in the mountains to perfect his magic and transcend mortality. He gained many disciples as his power grew, and before long the Mages had spread far and wide to show the world that they control the powers of destruction.



The Fighting Zealot

Between heaven and hell, physical and spiritual, the Priest draws power from both realms as a formidable hybrid combatant.

Priests follow a strict doctrine known as the Heavenly Way. They are highly skilled in melee combat while drawing magical powers from mother nature, allowing them to poison foes and heal enemies. Because of this unique versatility, they are revered by both their allies and enemies.

Please ensure that your PC meets either the minimum or recommended system requirements.

CPU: Intel E8400 Dual-Core
GPU: NVIDIA Geforce GT 430
Memory: 1GB
Storage: 20GB Free Hard Disk Space
Operating System: Win XP 32-Bit SP3
Monitor Resolution: 1280x720 (Windowed)
CPU: i7-950 Quad-Core
GPU: NVIDIA Geforce GTX 750
Memory: 2GB
Storage: 20GB Free Hard Disk Space
Operating System: Win 7 64-Bit
Monitor Resolution: 1920x1080 (Full Screen)


Take your first step into the exciting world of Conquera. Join our Open Beta now!

Instructions on how to download Client

Step 1
Download all the client files via the download button and ensure all files are placed in the same folder of your choice.
Step 2
Once all files are downloaded, run Inst.exe to begin the installation process.
Step 3
You may log in using your Cherry account or Gamesberry account to begin your Open Beta journey!
*Note: Open Beta accounts will not be wiped!


From development to well past release, Conquera has received various gaming awards in China:

2014 China GIAC
“2015 Top 10 Most Anticipated PC Online Game”
2014 China Sina CGWR
“Most Creative of the Year Award”
2015 Tenth Golden Plume Award
“Top 10 Most Anticipated PC Online Game”
2016 Eleventh Golden Plume Award
“Top 5 Players’ Favorite PC Online Game”
2016 Seventh Game Developers Award
“Best 3D (Characters/Scenes) and Art Design Award”
2016 Seventh Game Developers Award
“Best Game Animation Performance Award”